Community Engagement

Reaching out to the community and district stakeholders was a core part of this Facilities Master Plan. Each person's input is important to developing a strong plan for the future of the District.

Bringing the Community Together

Members of the facility master plan team hosted community engagement meetings at various schools around the district.

Each of these meetings were meant to gather the community together to provide valuable feedback that will inform the future of the district.

Community members viewed a brief presentation explaining the Facilities Master Plan process, then shared their input on how to improve the district.

Online & In-Person

In addition to in-person engagement meetings, the master planning team hosted interactive online feedback sessions.

These sessions allowed for maximize participation across all stakeholders. By being online, the team was able to receive important data from people who may have otherwise been unable to participate.

After a brief presentation explaining the Facilities Master Plan process, community members taking part in the Online Community Engagement Meeting were given the opportunity to share their ideas to improve the district.

The team was fortunate to have 89 community members participate.

Students are the future, so let's get their insights.

The master planning team held a special design feedback session for current Santa Maria-Bonita students.

At this session we challenged students with the following activities:

Drawing Prompt: Students drew their favorite place at school.

Writing Prompt: Students explained what they would change about school.

Image Study: Students selected images of learning spaces and described what they liked.

Learning Environments: Students voted on their favorite ways to learn.

Design your Ideal Classroom: Students created classroom layouts.

Student Engagement Activities: Image Study

Students selected this image the highest number of times because:

  • The “cozy vibe”
  • Different places to sit
  • Connection to nature
  • Exploration-based learning

Student Engagement Activities: Learning Environments

Students were asked: “Which of these environments do you prefer to learn in?”

From this simple question, it became clear that students preferred flexible creative spaces with 44% of the vote.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, traditional "perform" spaces with chairs and desks were the least popular with 0% of the vote.

Supporting dynamic environments that enhance the learning experience.

Members of the facility master plan Steering Committee were tasked to be an advisory group to the school board and the voice for the many communities that make up Santa Maria-Bonita.

Through 5 distinct meeting, the Steering Committee tackled important questions around facility conditions, educational goals, and the long-term vision of the district.

Learn more through the meeting documents below. These documents feature all the content that was discussed and form the basis of the Committee's recommendations to the School Board.

Steering Committee Meetings
Community Priorities

View insights from our District-wide stakeholder survey.

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