Bringing data together from every corner of the district to understand the big picture and what we are hoping to accomplish with this Facilities Master Plan.

Plan Overview

Presentation to the Board of Trustees on September 27, 2023

Community Priorities

View insights from our District-wide stakeholder survey.

Demographics and Special Needs

Comparing Student Need across campus and cohorts. Use this dashboard to analyze what facilities may need to be prioritized based on student need and student population demographics.

  • English Learner: Students whose home language is not English and who qualify for extra help.
  • Foster Youth: Students who are currently identified by the CDSS Foster Youth Data Matching Process as being in foster care
  • Homeless: Children and youth who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.
  • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged: Students whose parents do not have a high school diploma or who participate in the free/reduced price meal program.
  • Students with Disabilities: Student currently participating in a Special Education program.

Capacity & Enrollment

Our schools will experience changes in enrollment over the coming years. Use this dashboard to compare current enrollment to projected enrollment per campus and cohort. This helps us analyze what the future needs of the district may be in relation to enrollment numbers and plan accordingly.

2022/23 Enrollment & Demographic Projections

Read a detailed report about the projected growth of Santa Maria‐Bonita School District.

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Classroom Loading

For this capacity study, classrooms were loaded with the following students.

TK-K: 20 Students
1st-6th Grade:
 25 Students
7-8th Grade: 27 Student
Special Ed Non-Severe: 13 Students
Special Ed Severe: 9 Students
Specialty: 0 Students

Facility Conditions

Comparing facility conditions across campuses and cohorts. Use this dashboard to analyze what facilities may need to be prioritized based on their condition, replacement or repair costs, and the number of unhoused students.

Facility Repair Costs

Our facilities will face repair needs over the next 20 years. Use this dashboard to understand the expected needs of each facility and the expected timeframe for these needs.

Facility Program Funding

Understand the amount and timeline of available state funding and district matching for 2022-2029.

Master Plan Costs

Provide an in-depth analysis of each project being proposed at each campus.

Under Construction

This report is still under construction and may not represent the most up-to-date data.

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